SLIP'20 – Environmental Noise Prediction Software

Project with WMS-orthophotos (2d-viewer)

Simple 3d-visualization (3d-viewer)

Custom-size plan with title-block

Surface presentation of immissions in Google Earth
SLIP is a consistent, robust, intuitive and powerful engineering software for environmental noise modelling. The program is well established in Switzerland.

SLIP is continuously improved and adapted to the increasing demands of the practice and the needs of the users. With the new version, SLIP'20, the area of application and the functionality of the software have been further expanded.

SLIP is available in German and French.

Rich calculation possibilities

The following calculation models are implemented in SLIP'20:

Meteorological effectsNEW can be considered in calculations based on ISO 9613 (incl. SonRoad18).

Interfaces for CAD and GIS

The import/export functionality of SLIPIMPROVED allows efficient data exchange with CAD and GIS software:

Effective management of large data volumes

Data available for noise modeling can be highly detailed. Thus, projects with a huge amount of data can be quickly created. SLIP offers several tools and functionality for an effective management of large data volumes.

Plans and other visualizations

SLIP'20 has many functions for the creation of plans. Legend, scale, title-block (for the title-page), page format and orientation can be specified and stored with each printout element.

And compelling presentations in Google Earth can be easily created that contain immissions for receiver points and surfaces.

Prix et commandes

You can order SLIP'20 online ( or by contacting Christoph Ammann (062 836 30 31, christoph.ammann). See also


Individual courses for beginners or experienced users are offered regularly. Grolimund + Partenaires SA will be happy to provide you with further information; contact: Christoph Ammann (062 836 30 31, christoph.ammann).